A Busy Week for Everything but Work

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What a week this has been. Adjusting back to East Coast time wasn’t too bad, but things were disjointed so the work got done in fits and starts.Tuesday, I managed a full day at the desk and made some serious headway on the latest project and should actually have something done and ready to present on Monday.Wednesday, I was scheduled to work in the morning then run to LaGuardia to collect my niece Corinne, who was flying from Indianapolis on her own for the first time. The weather was iffy and delays were expected. Delta dutifully sent me text updates until the plane is delayed to arrive at 3. The problem was that the texts stopped even though their website and other sources indicated the flight was going to be even later. Poor Corinne, after spending hours on the Pittsburgh tarmac, the plane was finally canceled at 4:30 and she was being sent back west.After wasting money on tolls, parking, lunch, an emergency magazine, etc., I headed home. The following morning, Corinne was put on a new flight which was delayed this time because it needed a part that was being driven up from Kentucky. Fortunately, the skies were clear and she arrived a mere hour late.  So, we spent some quality time at home as Deb taught her how to knit and we chilled that night with Race to Witch Mountain on DVD.Friday was rainy but we braved the elements anyway, bringing Corinne into NYC for the day. By the time we arrived, the rain stopped and the clouds slowly parted. We took her to the Top of the Rock, atop the NBC building at Rockefeller Center and let her gaze out on Manhattan, Queens, Long Island, New Jersey and so on. Afterwards, we had lunch then took a tour of Radio City Music Hall. From there we meandered through Times Square and then trained back home, a little hot and sweaty but satisfied.Kate finally made it through the traffic and joined us for a nice dinner out which was capped with the surprise arrival of my delayed birthday presents. Deb gifted me with the much coveted Blu-ray DVD player (with the flat screen to follow once the tax refund arrives) while Kate showered me with British candy. Most excellent food, gifts, and company.This morning, though, the lack of work the last few days burst like a dam and I’ve finally had a few sustained hours at the desk to deal with everything that has turned up. Good news is that I managed to keep atop most everything for the Microsoft custom comic strip and other consulting. The real delay has been finishing up a database for DC that should have been done by now along with my Green Hornet story.Atop that, this morning I received another short assignment for Star Trek Magazine, which gives me a few things to work on while DC considers my submission. Marvel has also commissioned me to write something for their Marvelman Primer, due in November.The best professional news of the week was word that one of my many collaborative projects has sold. Once the deal is complete and we’re given the green light, we’ll be talking about it, but I’m excited since I’ll be writing the second story.

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