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Now that everything is filed with the Town Clerk, I just want to go on the record and state that I am running for a third term as a member of the Representative Town Meeting.When I first began serving, finishing out someone’s term in the spring and fall of 2005, I wasn’t entirely certain what I was getting myself into. I joined right in the middle of the budget process so had to master thick volumes of numbers (which I never handle well) along with learning Robert’s Rules and the players involved.I liked it enough to run for a full term in November 2005 and was easily elected since the Republicans that year didn’t run a single candidate for the five seats in District 8. I was quickly named chair of the Finance Committee and while I’m no genius with numbers, still managed to run things well.With experience came knowledge, and as I walked the district in the fall of 2007, I was confidently able to hold forth on issues pertaining to the town, and even some statewide matters. I found my voice and spoke from the floor as needed and served the party when needed, taking it on the chin once or twice.In November 2007, I won a second term and this time there were challengers so I worked at campaigning, extensively walking the district and chatting with voters. With significant turnover, I found myself a veteran voice and was encouraged to take the role of Moderator – which effectively means I run the meetings, trying to coral 50 representatives and handle a sometimes feisty public. Being an annual election, I guess I did well enough when the Republicans seconded my nomination for a second year.And now, it’s time to run again. The Republicans have found five worthy opponents and District 8’s residents will no doubt be hearing from us all. I have enjoyed serving and continue to gain a greater understanding of how things work and why they don’t always work better. While the time commitment isn’t too bad, it’s still a serious commitment given our votes can involve millions in borrowing and a town budget well in excess of $200 million (including education). This is not a post to be taken lightly.I’ll say this now and repeat myself in November. Wherever you live, whatever else you do, please read up on your candidates and the issues. Ask questions. Vote. But vote as an informed member of the electorate.

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  1. Bob,Seeing you gain so much knowledge about local politics and handle yourself so well in tough public forum situations, I’d vote for you in a flash. And not only because you’re a friend; I take my local politics very seriously and this you’re a superb representative.

  2. Congratulations, and best of luck with this. And may your opponents be truly worthy and present the best of challenges with the best of intentions, and thereby help the situation no matter who wins!

  3. Bob:Kudo’s to you and good luck with the 09 election.As I’ve said to you before…please consider a move to Stratford.We could use someone with your ethics and and passion here. It’s in very short supplybestJim

  4. I’d like to add that you stepped forward to lead as moderator when every other democrat stepped back from the responsibility. You took the position seriously, boned up on Robert’s Rules and performed your duties with finesse and aplomb. Mixing in some well timed humor helped us not to take ourselves too seriously. Thank you.

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