The Weekend Wrap-Up

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Our weekend was a very full one, taking full advantage of having Kate home.Friday was a quiet day. Deb and I avoided our computers for the most part and kept one another company. We found ways to stay occupied although we were both handling the somber day pretty well. Kate arrived in the mid-afternoon and we went to visit Robbie. It was sunny and quiet, peaceful.Kate hadn’t eaten since early so we got her a Rawley’s hot dog (if you ever come to Connecticut, you must stop there) and then we hung out at home for a bit. To continue staying busy we went out and saw (500) Days of Summer which was thoroughly delightful and deserved every accolade it has received.On Saturday, the girls went to their weekly knitting group while I wrote. We then had lunch with Robbie’s close friends Brooke and Naomi, which was a great chance to catch up and share the anniversary with them. The afternoon was filled with more work for me and errands for the ladies.That evening, though, we all got dressed up and hightailed it to Westport where Jennifer Honeycutt got married.  Jen is Marianne’s older sister, with Marianne being Robbie’s other really close friend. Jen has been our housesitter and was tremendously supportive last year. She and Ryan had an outdoor wedding overlooking the water and it was quite picturesque. The reception was a blast and you know it was a good wedding when every generation was on the dance floor. We had a chance to chat and catch up with those we knew and made some new acquaintances as well.Tired and droopy, we got up early Sunday and hit the road for Sterling Forest and the New York Renaissance Faire. It was to be a family affair with Deb’s three uncles and various cousins in attendance but things morphed, as they tend to. The New Hampshire contingent bowed out but we were joined by Heather and Krystal, who were invited along during knitting the day before.Despite the sun and heat, we had a great day with most of the women purchasing new outfits or accoutrements. We heard good music, saw silly performers, and cheered lustily during the human Chess Match and the Joust. Once the wonderful pub sing ended, we headed for home, tired but quite happy.And now it’s Monday. I have conference calls and the usual work to do. It’s back to RTM work with a committee meeting tonight.But, before I dive back into a normal work week, I do want to thank one and all for their e-mails and public posts. Your support continues to mean quite a bit to me, Deb, and Kate.

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  1. BTW, that should be my three brothers were to join us at the Faire. To quote Meatloaf, “two out of three ain’t bad.”

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