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The best thing for a freelancer is the phone ringing offering work.  Possibly the second best thing for a freelancer is the arrival of the printed work (or the check, depending on your circumstances).Someone asked on one of the message boards recently if it ever gets old receiving the first copy of your latest book. The answer is an unequivocal no. I am reminded of that since the morning mail contained my contributor copy to How to Lose a War, a collection of essays edited by my friend Bill Fawcett. The book contains three of my essays, all written last year, and is a nifty collection. Fortunately for you, it’s now on sale and you can see for yourselves.Word is Iron Man Man: Femme Fatales is in print and headed for bookstores everywhere. While others have seen the finished novel, I have yet to see a copy.  The book’s official street date is two weeks from today.A little further down the list of cool things is the first time you see the book cover or book illustrations. Last week, while in to talk Wonder Woman, I popped by head in to say hi to Benjamin Harper, who happily showed off the illustrations to my second Stone Arch Batman young reader book, due out in 2010. The art is even better than what graced Arctic Attack, now out.  I’m thrilled with how these books look and hope the program works so I can have a chance to do more.The rest of the work day, currently, is revising and more revising. From the top: I just finished a third draft on the Howard Chaykin Retrospective and it’s off to a pal for a fresh read. I also reviewed comments from Chaykin art collector Tim Barnes on the checklist so that’s in good shape.The staggering five-inch thick stack of Essential Superman Encyclopedia pages is far smaller now. I am well into the S entries, answering Chris Cerasi’s queries, brining various character status quos up to date. For those asking, the book will be out a year from now, in Fall 2010.I’ve revised two chapters of Wonder Woman, also for Chris, and await his feedback before completing a new draft.After that…speculative stuff and fortunately there’s plenty of that to fill my time until the green light is given to my next big project, the DC assignment.Fortunately, this does free me a wee bit to focus on campaigning since it’s that time of year and I need to go knocking on doors.

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