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With Iron Man: Femmes Fatales out just a few days, Stacy Baugher wins as the first reviewer. She posted a piece at Major Spoilers and noted, “The neophyte comic fan or hardened sci-fi adventure fan will find this a great read; action packed and full of excitement. The die-hard comic fans will enjoy it not only for those reason, but for the little cameo’s that appear through out the book.”I love that she ended with “For the price of a paperback book you get a story that would probably take months to tell in the traditional format. Robert Greenberger uses his years of experience in the comic industry and as a novelist to weave a tale that excites you and introduces old characters and situations to you in such a way that they seem as fresh and new. No, there are no pictures, but the best illustrator known to man has always been the human imagination, and this novel gives you much fodder to draw the curtain back on your own theatre of the mind.  Even if you are not normally a paperback novel reader, I would highly recommend this book. If you are an Iron Man fan, it is one of those unique experiences that will add to your love of the character for years to come.  This is an experience that takes elements from all the incarnations of the character and melds them into one good read. Check it out as soon as you can.”’Nuff said.

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