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I never intended for a week to slip by but things happen.So, what’s been happening? I have written and revised the captions to Wonder Woman: Amazon. Hero. Icon. and designer Chris McDonnell has been making some final tweaks to the design. My revised text increased the word count from 9000 to 13,000 so he had to make some adjustments plus we realized some titles and talents were not represented and needed to find room for them. I just looked over the latest version and it’s pretty strong. The manuscript is with the copy editor and with luck, we can put this to bed over the next few weeks and still make our April release date.The media tie-in comic script, which I managed to draft the first half two weeks ago, is next up on my desk. Fortunately, there’s plenty of time on this so I can give it maximum attention as time permits.The DC project is finally back on track after many delays. I should get the final green light to start work today and that too should be coming in the first half of 2010. No announcements yet so I can’t say too much more other than I am excited to get going.Several other speculative projects are also moving at varying speeds one can but hope that something sells in the coming months.Beyond that, I’ve been campaigning with regularity and spent the weekend up in New Hampshire, celebrating the baptism of my niece’s daughter. One thing that will be slowing me down is a cold has descended upon me. I thought it was really bad allergies yesterday and was in denial about the warning signs but last night I finally admitted…I have a cold.Achoo.

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