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Everyone deals with grief in their own way. Some hide form the world. Others forge ahead, keeping their feelings internalized.Some run.Kate has decided to train and enter a half-marathon to be held in January down at Disneyworld. She found a program to help whip her into shape, has received tremendous support from her military coworkers and has been running.Soon after Kate began the program, she then began to deal with the logistics and learned that at this late date, needed to be part of a team. After checking out which teams still had openings, she settled on Team Hole in the Wall, which will raises funds for the Hole in the Wall camps, founded by Paul Newman, and where Robbie hoped to volunteer once he was in remission.Kate’s goal is $2000 and she’s on her way but could use some support and I hope those in a position to help, will consider doing so. Those wishing to contribute can do so here.For those unable to contribute, feel free to send Kate words of support. She’s never done anything like this before. We’re incredibly proud of her for doing this.

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  1. At this point I do not have Money to Donate. However, I wish all the best & know you will definitely be in my Prayers. I know Robbie would be very proud of you as well.

  2. Hey Bob-I know alot of friends of ours are low on funds in this economy.The Community Theatre Foundation is very broke as you are well aware…but we try not to let our lack of funds impact our desire to help our friends and make a difference. Your children/family helped create this special place and they are always in our hearts as we make our way through these difficult times. We will not fail. In fact…we are motivated to help even more people. I also care very much for the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp as you know…great choice.I would like to pledge $250 to Kate’s run on behalf of all the deciated volunteers running the foundation today. Can you please facilitate that for me. We do not have credit cards. The money will come from volunteer tip money that is usually used for pizza dinners and we can give Kate the money if she is home for the holidays.We love the Greenbergers and they always have our support and friendship.Let us know how else we can help.Leo RedgateCommunity TheatreFairfield, CT

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