Partying with Windows 7

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On Thursday, I was fortunate to attend the NYC Launch Party for Windows 7.Held downtown in SoHo, the line moved briskly and we received our name tags and wandered within. We milled about, chatting with whoever we met, and sipped juices or coffee until the main room opened. We then filled in, grabbing seats or standing places and waited for the kickoff. Just before 11, the Windows 7 ad campaign was run on the large screen flanking the stage. We were welcome and Kaylie, the cure spokesman, took to the stage and introduced Steve Ballmer. Steve had boundless energy and he was truly excited about the launch after years of development. He made certain to acknowledge the MS developers, beta testers and just plain folk who made certain Windows 7 was everything we wanted in an OS.He then introduced another exec who used the various screens behind him to demonstrate the new features of Windows 7. Clearly, this was designed with today’s wireless home communications in mind. We were shown how easy the home network can be set up and how one PC can stream pics, video, and music to multiple devices throughout a home.The back half of the room was opened up and another exec walked us through the wide variety of hardware that will make W7 sing. There were nifty touchscreens, 3-D gaming set-ups, ultra-light and thin laptops and everything in-between. Once he was done showing us a sampling, we were thanked for attending and allowed to come play.The remainder of the party was a mix of test driving the devices and eating the wonderful food. While not a gamer, the 3-D game screen was astonishing especially since it was Batman: Arkham Asylum being demonstrated. Very cool. The touchscreen devices were impressive and clearly the next generation. MS staffers walked us through each system and their enthusiasm was infectious. One woman was telling me she’d been working with W7 for a year and a half already and it was solid, and easy to use.On our way out, we received gift bags containing a t-shirt, puzzle, deck of cards, poster, information book and Windows 7 Ultimate Edition (thanks, Steve!).While there, I twittered that I was uncertain if I needed to upgrade especially given the reviewers saying switching from XP to Windows 7. Now that I have Windows 7, the temptation is stronger and I continue to monitor the comments from regular users before making the attempt. Deb has already warned me, if I try this, I’m on my own. And frankly, I think we’d be better off if we use the same OS.

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  1. C’mon. Go Mac. You know you want to. Everyone else is doing it. It’s not habit forming. You can stop any time you want to.

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