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Our town is a growing 57,000+ and gets covered by the Connecticut Post, in addition to three weekly papers – the Fairfield Citizen-News, Fairfield Minuteman and the Fairfield Sun.  Interestingly, you have to read all four to get a real sense of what’s going on in town both politically and culturally. The coverage, I’ve noted, has been spotty with big stories ignored or underplayed and not a lot of good solid digging going on.That’s one reason why I think the Fairfield Online News launched in the late summer. Former Post beat writer Andy Brophy is the main man behind this, aided and abetted by former Fox News staffer Alexis Harrison and a host of columnists. Guys on my side of the aisle dismiss it as Fox’s version Fairfield news, slanted to advance the Republican agenda. And you know what? Sure, some of the news coverage shows a bias and an aware reader can filter the articles.Andy, to his credit, is covering stuff the other four have missed or ignored. His features on our town’s past are also solid.Starting today, I’ve joined them – not switching affiliations mind you, but becoming a regular columnist. Entitled Fairfield Citizen, I’m being given fairly free rein to write about whatever issues come to mind.First up is an Open Letter to the RTM, spelling out what the 23 newbies can expect and how it works. Next will be the flipside, an Open Letter to the Voters, pointing out what their responsibilities are to the people they put into office.Commentary welcome.

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