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My pal Steve Rosenhaus alerted me to the following item in the latest issue of Time Out New York. Listed as a recommendation for their Holiday gift guide:The Batman Vault by Robert Greenberger and Matthew K. ManningThis heavily illustrated slab of geek bait gives a detailed tour through the history of Batman, from the first comic books to his still-evolving present. Billed as a “museum in a book,” it reproduces panels from the ’30s, sums up the exploits of the ineffective Gotham City police department and revisits the birth of the young sidekick Robin, who debuted in April 1940. True to its title, the Vault is also stuffed with freestanding promotional treasures from the superhero’s past, including a paper Batplane from 1943 and a Catwoman design sketchbook from 2003. Running Press, $50

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