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A while back I wrote a few essays for SmartPop Books and while the books saw print, they didn’t create much of stir. But you know, the line of books offers some smart commentary and criticism about Popular Culture’s darlings and they’re certainly worth your time and attention. With luck, I’ll write more in the future.I just got word from Leah Wilson, the line’s editor, that they’ve revamped the website.Every day they feature a new free essay from a past Smart Pop title; the full essay remains up, featured on the main site, for a week (after which point the URL redirects to a shorter excerpt). Site visitors can also browse or search all their titles and individual essays, sampling excerpts.They’ve also begun a blog and they’re currently running a Dollhouse essay contest to create a little extra buzz.Both of my essays have been put up and there’s an author link so you can check them out or browse the full array of titles.You can also follow them on Twitter, or become a fan on Facebook. Starting next month, BenBella, the parent company, will begin offering digital versions of the books.

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