Still Can’t Decide if ‘Men’ is Worth Watching

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A few weeks back I expressed my initial displeasure with Men of a Certain Age, the new TNT series starring the wonderful Andre Braugher, Ray Romano, and Scott Bakula. Essentially, the show is about three men facing 50, none of whom are satisfied with where their lives are.I thought they were sad and pathetic, unwilling to take control over their fortunes and was fairly certain I wanted to drop the series. The newspaper critics, though, kept saying the show improved and that episode three was the turning point. We stuck around, watched, and agreed things seemed to be improving. The fourth installment was also somewhat engaging and showed promise for Bakula’s Peter Pan character.Then last week’s fifth installment was a major step backwards, largely because I cannot imagine at all that Braugher and wife would actually hire a contractor for a major renovation to their home without checking their references (beyond Bakula’s word) and ensuring things were being approved by the city step-by-step. That’s beyond pathetic and more like moronic.Also, Romano’s inability to deal with things like his daughter’s cell phone smacks not of age but intelligence.There are maddeningly flashes of good characterization and good writing, especially when the guys worry over Romano once more addicted to gambling. Romano’s oddball friendship with his loan shark also is appealing.Beyond that, though, I remain frustrated at the show’s inability to display any character, male or female, of a certain age that remotely resembles me and my peers. Is any one else equally annoyed by the series?Thankfully, the far more entertaining Leverage returns to TNT this week.

3 thoughts on “Still Can’t Decide if ‘Men’ is Worth Watching

  1. BobMaybe you can’t decide if you want to keep watching, but I sure am going to. Might be interesting to see what your age is – if you are not relating to different things. I know lots of people that can relate to things happening on the show that are in that age bracket.Good luck!

  2. I’d agree with Bob – and one of those people is me. I see myself (not in total but certainly in stretches) in each man.And I have to be honest. While i can work my own cell phone with relative ease, if I was trying to unlock Colleen’s model (a Motorola Cliq) in a similar situation, I’d not have a clue where to start.I love this show – it’s the first one in a long time that I start watching on time—I don’t even wait for the DVR to finish.

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