The Working Month So Far

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One thing I swore I would do better this year was allocate my time so at least one hour each day would be spent on spec work. I have things I want to complete and get off my desk and into the hands of people who might actually want to pay me for my efforts.One pitch for a graphic novel was nearly done in December so I made that my first work in 2010. Two great friends read it over for me, twice, and the pitch is far stronger for it. I gave it the once over yesterday and submitted it to the editor who first made me aware of a market.A collaborative spec project I first got looped into in November 2008 and fell silent months later, also got resurrected this week as one person dropped out and another eagerly stepped in.  Oddly, the same trio of cohorts has a different spec project brewing so it can feel either incestuous or confusing. Usually both given the hour of the day.Also, on and off since last week, there’s been tremendous opportunities presented to Avalanche Comics Entertainment, the outfit I do project managing for. It has meant, though, lengthy conference calls and frantic scrambling to prepare presentation material for meetings with as little as 24 hours notice. The one paying gig went on press yesterday so that’s something cool and it got delivered in time for today’s presentation. Score one for the good guys.The rest of my work day since January 5 has been writing entries for the second issue of Who’s Who. I’m researching and writing about 6 pages a day which is pretty good but in double-checking my master list, I forgot to write one earlier in the alphabet in addition to miscounting which throws me a little off my pace.I intend to finish it on Thursday so the remainder of January is dedicated to completing the ghost writing project since that has a February 1 delivery date. What’s interesting about this one is that in one way or another, I have well over 40,000 words in rough form and need to turn it into 55,000 polished words and am feeling pretty confident I can do this.And that’s the news from the writer’s desk.

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