Wonder Woman in the House

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I just had the thrill that comes with holding the first copy of a printed book and I have to admit, it never, ever gets old.Just a week ago, I received the author comps to Batman: Robin Takes Flight, my second Stone Arch book and was enjoying staring at its vibrant cover.Now, UPS has just delivered my first copy of Wonder Woman. Amazon. Hero. Icon. which will be in finer bookstores everywhere come April. Yes, I know some of you are just ordering this through Previews, but the book has miraculously been manufactured already. Of course, the proverbial slow boat will bring the rest of the copies from China assuring on time delivery.The book is printed on a nice, heavy stock. It’s a good sized package, akin to the recent Cover Girls hardcover from the same publisher. The art is well reproduced and Chris McDonnell’s strong design looks great at full size.This is a package we can all be proud of and I am thrilled to hold it in my hands. I also just realized that within one year, I will have books out featuring the Big Three — Batman (Batman Vault), Wonder Woman (see above), and Superman (August’s Essential Superman Encyclopedia) — that’s a cool hat trick.

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