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As January winds down, I find that I am right on schedule with the paying work.Who’s Who #2 was delivered to DC and I await feedback from the editors. Meantime, I completed a second pass of the ghostwriting project, which is due Monday. I sent the manuscript off to a pal today to get a fresh set of eyes on it and to make certain it doesn’t suck. I also e-mailed my partner with some questions and once I hear back, I can give it a third and final pass before delivering on Monday, which is the due date.I was speaking with my publisher last Friday about this and he noted that my professionalism on an earlier project led to this assignment and he could not be more pleased with my attitude and “can do” attitude. I make his life easier and that means I remain in mind for future work. That’s a vital lesson all freelancers should take to heart.On the other hand, I have been trying in vain to contact my editor on the media tie-in comic I scripted back in October. In theory the finished book is due out in June but he has been tough to pin down. I have no idea if the licensee has approved it or if the artist remains at work. Communication is a two-way street and this silence (unreturned e-mails and phone messages) is maddening.I did receive edits to my Green Hornet story which shouldn’t take more than an hour or so to revise and then it should be good to go for the collection, due in June.My goal of doing spec writing each morning has not quite worked out as planned. I did manage a graphic novel pitch and sent that off but of late, that precious first hour has gone towards reviews for ComicMix and some pro bono political work for a candidate. I still have a young adult fantasy project to polish, especially with at least one editor willing to look at it.A different spec project, though, is slowly gaining momentum. It appears there’s a contract in the works for the project in one form and now a different company is interested in it in a different form. I’m working on this with others and will be the second person to do any writing when this goes live, which I expect to happen in February. I can’t wait for things to be signed and for us to formally announce it. There are some good stories to tell and lessons to learn.All in all, this year is off to a pretty good start.

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