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The 2010 convention season is about to begin for me. Most of the shows I appear at occur between now and July so the calendar fills in quickly.Kicking things off, as usual, is Farpoint down in Timonium, MD. I’ll be there along with writing pals Peter David, David Mack, Mike Friedman, Keith DeCandido, Terri Osborne, Dave Galanter, Alan Chafin, Glenn Hauman and of course, Howard Weinstein.Presuming the northeast is dug out of the weekly snow storm in time, we should be there having a ball.For those, attending, here’s where you can find me:SaturdayBob Greenberger 10:00 AMThis is the usual hour long spotlight to kick off programming. I’ll talk about my projects and show movie trailers (courtesy of Glenn).Writers Workshop 1:00 PMThis is Howie’s program and he’s invited me to come and talk about life as a freelancer. He’s very impressed by the breadth of work I do and thinks I have words of wisdom to share.New V vs. Old V 4:00 PMHaving edited the comics’ adaptation of the Old V and having the hots for Elizabeth Mitchell in the new V, I guess I’m qualified to chat about this.2009 Comics In Review Saturday 5:00 PM I read lots and lots of comics so me and a few others will debate Blackest Night, Siege and other fun stuff.I’ll be a Masquerade judge that evening as well.SundayBob & Howie Show 10:00 AMAs always, Howie and I will spend an hour talking about this and that, and will find the one network show we totally disagree on. What will it be this year?Movie Previews with Bob & Glenn 12:00 PM For those who missed out the day before, an hour of trailers, news, and comic relief.As usual, I also want to commend your attention to the Boogie Knights’ show Saturday at 11. Kate may be out of town and miss the performance, but the other six will be there and it’s well worth your attention.

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