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Sunday wound up being a day where I did my best to appear energetic but my pals all saw I was tired. Two late nights with poor sleep meant I was flagging and energy depleted.Still, the annual Bob & Howie Show went well as we chatted about our careers, our experiences and then played some related NPR radio excerpts to entertain the crowd. I then had an hour to kill before my final panel.Since the movie trailers are so popular, Farpoint scheduled a second hour this year and I was paired with my pal/colleague/webmaster Glenn Hauman. We were in a small room which we mostly filled and everyone enjoyed what we showed.I was then asked to play fill-in emcee so I went down the hall and introduced the crowd to actress Mira Furlan. As she regaled the audiences with stories, Deb and I snuck out of the hotel for a quick lunch. We got back in time to greet Mira backstage, chat with her for a minute and then wished her a safe trip.She was followed by Felicia Day and I realized she didn’t need a long intro. Instead, I admired her 1.7 million twitter followers (receiving a shocked look from her when she heard I had yet to break 400 followers) and introduced her as the $5000 Woman. She took the stage, laughing, and began with, “I don’t know if I want to be known as that.” Her first question was “How was lunch?” It turns out that the man who bid so much money for the privilege has actually worked on Felicia’s Guild series and they had never met.I then wandered over to do my autographing stint where I signed two autographs, twice as many as Saturday. At least I got to chill next to Mike Friedman and was stationary so others could come and hang out with us. The show was winding down and things got more relaxed so the hotel atrium became a giant lounge as we hung out. By 4, though, most of our friends had left so we returned to the room to chill for a bit.Our Valentine’s Day dinner was at a nearby Irish Pub which was packed and lively. The food was fine, if unexceptional, but quite filling. We returned to the room and watched the Olympics, unwinding before departing this morning.The committee puts on a good, solid show. They make a strong effort for the fans and guests to be relaxed and unstressed. It is very hard to run a show, harder to run a good show and the current team makes us all feel wanted and welcome. It was quite the fun weekend but now, sadly, it’s time to go back to work.

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