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The temperature in Fairfield may be in the 30s, but Spring is in the air.Today is one of the most anticipated days of the new year as stop complaining about the cold and snow and begin looking ahead. We take comfort in knowing that further south, in Port St. Lucie to be exact, pitchers and catchers are reporting.Pitchers and catchers is the first tangible sign of spring (forget the Groundhog) and better times to come.Pitchers and catchers have started arriving in Arizona and Florida with full squads to follow in about a week. For this household, the arrival of players at the Mets’ spring training complex means we can finally forget about last season.Did they have a good Winter? No. They let too many potential free agents go elsewhere so Atlanta and Philadelphia are stronger in the Eastern division. Omar Minaya, the Mets’ General Manager, held pat and decided the class of available players wasn’t worth overspending or trading away their meager prospects. He’s got one eye on his team playing healthy, unlike 2009, and one eye on 2010’s free agent class which looks far more interesting.I think the team will train and play Spring Training games and then see who is healthy and who has lost something. The key to the rotation appears to be Oliver Perez. If he’s really back in 2008 form, we have a stronger chance. If he’s erratic all Spring, you’ll see some panicky moves.Behind the plate, they’ve decided to give Omir Santos a shot and I applaud that.Pitchers and catchers. I just love the sound of that.

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  1. In the AL East ((The toughest league in the majors)),The O’s have an injured Roberts at second, Tejada has returned (minus the ‘roids), but a big question mark at third and Markakis and Jones leading up a very young lineup. Millwood is heading up a suprisingly deep starting rotation, but as always, the bench is untried and a bit worrysome. And no really big bats in the lineup.

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