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A few days back, I opened the floor for questions from you, my friends, family, and fans.Ed McKeogh was the only one of you to ask and he was passionate enough about it to ask twice.He wanted to know when the Howard Chaykin Retrospective will be coming out.Just this week, Ed, I got word from Dynamic Forces that manuscript editing has begun so with luck, I’ll get their feedback shortly, revised, update and deliver so it can be copyedited and designed.The best I can tell you is that the book has been pencilled in for fourth quarter 2010 release. Exact date, size, shape, page count, and cover price all to be announced in the coming weeks.And I have already begun working on a second retrospective for Dynamic so this is fun.

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  1. I am an English professor at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire. I’m wondering if you could provide me with some information: I am interested in the life and career of Jack Schiff, the former DC editor. I am particularly interested in his work on the WWII John Everyman strip, his authorship of UNICEF and other public service pages, and his relationship with Mort Weisinger and Julius Schwartz. I’d like to contact anyone who knew or worked with him — especially family members.Also, I know that you no longer work for DC, but I am wondering if you could suggest someone currently working there that I could contact for help on this project.Thank you for any assistance you may be able to give me.

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