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One week from today, Deb and I will be en route to Spain. Why, you wonder. Because we were invited.Back in 2001, I became acquainted with inker Edu Alpuente and we’ve remained colleagues and friends ever since. He’s switched from inker to artists’ agent so he makes trips to America every now and then and we always get together. I’ve hired his artists for numerous projects over the last few years so it’s been a very nice relationship.Among the many things he does is help book the American guests for the annual Comic Convention held in Grenada. Get this – this is a show sponsored by the Spanish government, which respects the arts. For 15 years, 40,000 people have flocked to the town for four days of con fun.This year, Edu invited me to be one of the American guests along with:Joe KubertRick VeitchEllen S. Abramowitz – MOCCATom RaneyPornsak Pichetshote – VertigoDave Elliot – Editor Freelance, Radical ComicsI love the idea of getting to spend quality time with Joe, who I have not really chatted with in some time. And Tom is an old pal with Pornsak a former colleague. Dave and I have done a little work together and Ellen will be someone new to meet. Rick and I go back years although we’ve never really spent much time together.For the first time, the convention is partnering with the University of Grenada for an academic symposium and I will be also be giving a paper at the conference. Nifty!My talk will be on the American comic book market: a bit of history and a look at the current state of the market, focusing on the top six companies. I’ve done a few drafts and have no idea how well this will work or what sort of audience I’m getting.We’ll be touring Madrid and Grenada in addition to working at the show since the convention has a reputation for taking good care of their overseas guests. There will be reports from the road. But, should any of you readers actually be in Spain next week, come on by.Can you tell I’m excited?

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