Spain, Part Two

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AcademiaC10 is a relatively recent art school headed up by painter Carlos Diez. It has grown to include nine instructors and teaches a variety or related subjects from comic book art to painting, model photography, movie makeup, and so on. They are spread across three buildings, including two store fronts.When Carlos heard I was spending time in Madrid with Edu, he asked if I’d be willing to speak to his students. I, of course, agreed and we spent a lovely Friday afternoon at the school. Some 15-20 people gathered including Mariano Saura ad Carla Berrocal, two of the instructors. The school’s admin, Eva, was incredibly gracious and despite being on staff a mere month seemed to fit right in.Once got started, I began talking (with Edu translating) about my background and the role of the comic book editor. I described what editors looked for in talent, how important it is to pick the right people for the right assignment and how vital it is for artists to be professional by staying in communication and making their deadlines.The questions followed and flowed with people curious about prospects for artists in the States, some of the differences between companies, and who was stronger: The Thing or the Hulk (Jade Jaws wins every time). I then spoke to some of the students and looked at a variety of portfolios and I gather everyone had a good time. I’m told the write up on the site is most complementary but I’ll have to take their word for it.Overall, I was made to feel welcome and they seemed to hang on my words, soaking it all in.Carlos has even asked that write up my impressions about the Granada con for the students so I gather I’ll be keeping in touch with him and the school in the future.Tomorrow: Granada

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