Spain, Part Four

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Ask the natives, and they will tell you that the people of Seville considering themselves to be the best Spaniards in all of Andalucía. Our host, Alejandro, worked for some time in Seville and looked down his nose at them in what appeared to be a good natured rivalry between towns.Still, he gifted us with bus tickets to spend Tuesday in Seville. We took the three hour bus ride, getting to see much of the countryside as we headed for the city.For the first time since we landed in Spain, the sun shone and was quite pleasant. After stepping off the bus, we oriented ourselves with maps and decided to stay in the older part of the city, which made it the tourist section but saw the botanical gardens, the Alcazar, and the Cathedral along with many shops, and lovely homes.The area included the university so the streets were filled with students and many Americans on Spring Break. Turns out we toured the Alcazar with four UConn students which we thought was pretty funny. It’s a large set of buildings along with gardens so once the tour ended; we spent another two hours wandering around.In fact, by the time we were done there, we had lunch, leaving us just an hour to see the cathedral. Now, I thought the one in Granada was pretty amazing, but this structure dwarfed it. We were especially impressed with the crypt for some of Christopher Columbus’ remains along with the spectacular view from the bell tower. Thankfully, the law prevents any building from being taller than the cathedral so the view will never be spoiled.Walked a lot, took many pictures, didn’t eat anywhere near as much as the last week and were better for it.Tomorrow: The Con itself

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