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This weekend I hit my third convention in three weeks. I’ll be back on Long Island at Stony Brook’s I-Con and can be found doing comics, literature, and film programming.Unlike so many of my other cons, this is a real mixed bag of events with programming for all interests from science to LARPing. Marc Gunn, formerly of the Brobdingnagian Bards will be musical guest of honor, acknowledging his long-standing relationship with the show. Among the media guests will be Ronald D. Moore, the mastermind behind the current Battlestar Galactica and Caprica. I haven’t spoken or seen Ron since we did a Wish Con together something like 18 years ago.With the support of webmaster Glenn Hauman, I’ll be doing the usual 90 minute Trailer Park both Saturday and Sunday. Additionally, I should be found doing the following programs:Saturday 11-12: Writing Media Tie-Ins (continuing the discussion with many of the same players from this past weekend’s Lunacon panel)3-4:30: Trailer Park8-9: The Revolving Door of Hero Heaven9-10: Sidekicks: The Untapped PotentialSUNDAY11-12:30: Trailer Park2-3: 70 Years of Green LanternIf you’re there, please come say hello.Additionally, I have been added to the guest list at ComicCONN, a new show in North Haven, CT. It’s Saturday, May 15 and worth a visit.

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