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Well, this is something new.Aaron Rosenberg and I have been pals for some time now, and we’ve partnered with our mutual overseas friend Steve Savile to try something new. We’ve created a new reality and each of us will be writing stories set in this future world. These stories will live on a website and we’re going to try a subscription model to see if this can be sustained.But first, we need to build the site and begin writing, and this requires some seed money. Steve suggested we try Kickstarter, a place where creative projects can gain micro-support from people who either support the arts in general or really like the project. Normally, you have 90 days to raise funds and if you match or exceed your goal, you get the money. If you fall short of your goal, every investor gets their money back.ReDeus has begun seeking funding. Read all about it at the link and see if you’d like to be in on the ground floor of something new. We’re certainly excited about the potential in both the concept and the business model.There is a blog over on the project site and we’ll chat about our progress there and share some of that on our respective sites no doubt.Come June 30, we’ll see if enough people share that enthusiasm. Yesterday, less than an hour after going live we had our first donor which was rather encouraging.And shortly thereafter, we look forward to announcing the launch of the ReDeus site itself.

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