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The lobbying for my support has begun in earnest. As I stated recently, I am not yet committed to any one candidate for several of the offices. I know I like Richard Blumenthal for Senator but after that, I remain open.On Saturday, I had a lovely 15 minute chat with Jonathan Harris, one of the candidates running for Secretary of the State while I received a voice mail from George Jepsen who would love to chat with me about why he wants to be Attorney General.Last night, the Democratic Town Committee hosted an all-star lineup of personalities, all vying for our support. Apparent, the Fairfield meetings are Must Visit events given our sizeable attendance.Ned Lamont made an excellent case for why he wants to be governor, complete with plans for making the state competitive for business.  While I remain undecided, I liked what I heard.We heard from Susan Bysiewicz, who explained why she switched from running for Governor to AG and how she feels the byzantine laws have complicated her quest. She fully expects the courts to declare her eligible to run.Gerry Garcia, former New Haven Alderman, made a big point of being both Jewish and Latin American. He had some good things to say about why he wants to be Secretary of the State but used too many words, avoiding brevity in favor of volume. After he finished, he worked the room, trying to get people to commit their support while the meeting was continuing.Mary Glassman, First Selectwoman of Simsbury, also discussed why she wants to be Governor but without the same level of specificity. Many in the room were already favoring her so I need to learn more.Warren Mosler wants to be my Senator in Washington. His rambling talk was more of an economics lesson, explaining away all of our financial problems as bookkeeping and digital legerdemain so we really nee dot focus on things other than our runaway federal and state deficits.Some of these and no doubt others will stream through the Democratic Town Committee’s annual Century Club Brunch on Sunday.Yep, I think I’ll be a popular guy until the various conventions wind up in May.

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