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This is one of those weeks where there have been plenty of professional frustrations and it’s forced me to stop writing and to give things a long hard think.We launched ReDeus at Kickstarter last week and after a flurry of pledges, there’s been little activity in the last few days which has me concerned.Additionally, a graphic novel pitch got turned down while a young adult novel pitch was read by a pal and both said they were good, but not good enough. They both lacked that extra something.My first thought was to give up fiction altogether and concentrate on non-fiction but then I realized how much I like writing fiction. I don’t want to give up on it but do need to up my game a bit. And that’s what I’m focusing on today.The first example of that is a GN pitch I’m developing for Europe where I need to train myself to tell stories in 46 pages with 7-11 panels per page. It creates different rhythms and I need more story, allowing me to see what I can do to make this more engaging.I’ve lost some time wallowing in bad thoughts for the last few days and now need to get back in the saddle, so to speak, and try again. I’m actually looking forward to it.The good news as the week ends is that the galleys are coming in on The Essential Superman Encyclopedia and the pages are looking sharp. Better yet, we have time to update the entries so they will be current to the end of Blackest Night and the New Krypton saga, keeping the book more contemporary than I had hoped for.

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