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I’ve been working pretty steadily on pitches while I await getting back to work on the Who’s Who. The process has certainly been an interesting one since this is the first time I’ve concentrated primarily on spec writing as opposed to fitting it in around other work.The results have led me to finally submit a YA book series proposal to an editor who sounded interested when I first mentioned the notion to her back in November. The idea first cropped up for another publisher years back (which folded before anything real happened) and it has languished in various stages of completion ever since.I’ve also been working on several graphic novel pitches for European publishers resulting from my trip to Spain last month. One has gotten as far as character sketches from the artist I’ve been partnered with, and two days ago I worked out sample script pages. I’m told the proposal needs to be a one-page synopsis, a thee-book breakdown of the story, and several sample pages of storytelling. It was fun writing the script pages, which are now with the artist.Interestingly, that same artist drew two pages of an idea from his imagination and didn’t know what to do with them. A French publisher saw them and was intrigued but asked about the story. Fortunately, the artist’s agent sent me the same pages and an idea began form immediately. I did the two sentence version, which the artist liked, then fleshed it out to a 200 word synopsis. He likes that, too, so now I have to polish it for the publisher and see if he likes it.A third idea needs the page breakdowns and sample script pages written.ReDeus continues to seek backers and I find myself doing more work on promoting the idea than I expected. In the meantime, I have also worked out the overall story for my character and how she may dovetail with the other two series. Aaron Rosenberg, Steve Savile and I also talked about a big event towards the end of year one which got us very excited so we’re hoping circumstances allow this project to live.In the meantime, galleys for The Essential Superman Encyclopedia have arrived and this morning I just finished H so am making progress. Ace researcher John Wells has been helping my editor, Chris Cerasi, with additional graphics so this book should look real spiffy when you see it in August.The only real writing (that is, for pay) I’m doing is for Fairfield’s Patch and the response and traffic has been gratifying. As a result, my columns are slowly moving from weekly to semi-weekly and my editor has approved about eight concepts so I’m good to go.

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