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My popularity as a delegate to the Connecticut State Convention has continued over the last few weeks. I continue to hear from the larger and better organized campaigns, the candidates themselves personally call, and the conversations I’ve been having were interesting.And yet, I remained uncertain who I wanted to support for Attorney General or Secretary of the State.On Sunday, that was finally resolved after attending the Candidates’ Forum here in Fairfield. Conceived and organized by Matt Waggner and Pam Jones, we had two of the three AG candidates and four Secretary candidates. Unlike other events, the Democratic Town Committee solicited questions, boiled them down, and then had them posed by Jean Sturges, a member of the local League of Woman Voters. The answers were limited to two minutes apiece and each person was given a three minute period to offer final comments.I had hoped for a larger turnout, but those who did attend that rainy day got a really good chance to hear the candidates off script, answering the tough questions. One candidate, Gerry Garcia, noted they were the hardest questions yet posed at any similar event.First up were George Jepsen and Susan Bysiewicz. Cam Staples ignored repeated invitations and didn’t show up. Susan continues her battle in the courts to be declared eligible for the office and her public miscues have certainly tarnished her rep. On the other hand, I enjoyed her vibrant personality and answers. I was interested in how little the two differed on matters, making this more about personality.We then heard from Garcia, Jonathan Harris, Denise Merrill, and Andy Garfunkel, drilling deep into how they envision the Secretary of the State’s office working in the future. They discussed business filings and election matters, the core elements of the office. Here, there were differences in what was emphasized and what experience each would bring to the office. By the end of the discussion, I knew who I wanted.Deb attended as well, giving me someone to share my thoughts without feeling as if I was lobbying or open to additional lobbying from fellow delegates. She had agreed with my choices, which was encouraging. Now we just need next month’s convention to arrive.As for the governor, I am leaning towards one candidate. Of all the big ticket names out there, I find it interesting I’ve heard nothing from Dan Malloy, former Stamford mayor and the last Democrat to challenge Governor Rell for the office. Whoever wins the nomination has a strong battle ahead, especially with the rudderless, leadership-less mess we’re currently in.

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