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OK, enough with the begging. For those who were inspired to contribute, thank you.So, what’s been going on?Proofreading. Lots of proofreading and updating on The Essential Superman Encyclopedia. I made my deadline of having A-M done before May 1 and have until the 19th to complete the read of the book. Today, I’ll be tackling Q-R before embarking on the 85-pages comprising S. Thankfully, we have the chance to bring the entries up to date through May storylines so we more less bring the status quo current before the new creative teams take over this summer.My pal John Wells has been heavily working with Editor Chris Cerasi on visual selections to beef up what’s been picked to date and add more visual variety, which will make a strong book stronger.Beyond that, I continue to pitch and have stuff out being reviewed. Cross your fingers….I’ve continued to write twice a weekly for Fairfield’s Patch and have been enjoying the experience. One piece, written after last Monday’s RTM has engendered much commentary but sadly, all too little of it has to do with the substance of the column. Still, I like having a chance to use my experience in town in new ways.I continue to chat with candidates for state office, which has been a rewarding experience, Earlier this week I had a lovely talk with Mary Glassman, who is running for Governor and on Thursday, George Jepson and I continued a dialogue we began last Sunday. I mention all this not so much to namedrop but to show that I take this seriously.Serving on the Democratic Town Committee means I represent Democrats from District 8 and attending the state convention means I am voting for people I think will best serve the interests of my fellow residents. Once the dust settles later this month, regardless of who I personally voted for, I will then have to work to get the slate elected in November, once more representing the voters here in town.

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