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ComiCONN was a well-attended and smoothly-run first time show and for that I am grateful.Held at a Holiday Inn in North Haven, it was about a 40 minute ride from home and easily found. There were a few hundred fans in attendance and they happily milled about the ballroom which housed the dealers and the guests. People arrived in costume and I must say, the quality of craftsmanship has gone up over the years so we had some fine looking heroes: Batman, Wonder woman, Supergirl, and the Invisible Woman were standouts.I spent some time chatting up old pals like Jamal Igle, Tom Chu, Ron Marz, and former neighbor Jerry Ordway. We networked, complained about the sorry state of affairs for freelancers and signed some autographs.Longtime artist Frank McLaughlin, Mike DeCarlo, Jerry, and I were on a comics creators panel, moderated by Comic Book Artist’s Jon B. Cooke. Joining us and making it a special event was Richard Giordano Jr., representing the late, great Dick G. We chatted about comics, comics history, our careers and slowly, Jon brought us around to celebrating Dick’s life and career. Our hour stretch by another thirty minutes and we were nowhere hear done and the 40 people in attendance seemed pleased.Also enjoying himself was my nephew Nicholas, a high schooler who is the only member of the extended family who is a fan.A fine time was had by all and I look forward to next year’s event.

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