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It’s been fairly quiet around here, hence the lack of more frequent posts. But now that the three-day weekend has come and gone, things are getting back into routine so I figured I’d update you on where things are.Captain Midnight Chronicles: Moonstone’s Joe Gentile tells me the book is at the printers and running just a wee bit late. I hope it is out in time for Shore Leave. Somehow I never saw the edited manuscript or was given galleys for proofreading.Green Hornet Chronicles: This should be headed to the printer very shortly and is also running behind schedule but I’m in very good company and look forward to this one.Essential Superman Encyclopedia: All pages have been proofread and are being designed. John Wells has been providing a ton of visual research to Chris Cerasi so I know it’s going to be a very handsome volume. This remains on track for August on sale (the same month as Batman: The Brave & Bold #20).Gotham City 14 Miles: This is from Sequart Research & Literacy Organization, edited by my pal Jim Beard. I wrote an essay for the collection which is being solicited in the August Previews and should be on sale in October. I’m joined in this anthology by fellow scribes Paul Kupperberg, Peter Sanderson, Tim Callahan, Becky Beard, Bill Walko, Jennifer K. Stuller, Michael D. Hamersky, Chuck Dixon Michael Miller, Mike Johnson, Rob Weiner and my former WWN boss, Jeff Rovin. Jim describes my piece this way: “Bob’s essay covers the genesis of the show and the explosion – and quirky substance – of Batmania. From the show’s popularity to the spinoff products and beyond, he characterizes this particular form of insanity that gripped the country – the world! — from 1966 to 1968.”Howard Chaykin Retrospective: The book remains unscheduled by Dynamic Forces but Howard and I spoke on Friday, allowing me to bring things up to date since I submitted the manuscript back in October. Now it is in their hands for book production and I’ll keep you posted on its progress.Ghost Writing: This book has been in the hands of the “author” since early April and I continue to patiently await feedback. Still scheduled to come out in 2011.And that’s it for official book projects. I continue to write the twice-monthly For Your Consideration column over at Westfield Comics. This month I chat about Dick Briefer’s Frankenstein and Women of Marvel Omnibus. Additionally, there’s the twice-weekly column over at Fairfield Patch, but being town-centric, its of interest only to those living in Fairfield (it certainly generates plenty of comment).ReDeus is down to its final 28 days of fundraising and given the paucity of support, Aaron Rosenberg, Steven Savile, and I are talking about what to do with this next.The spec writing and pitching continues. Just saw some nifty designs for a graphic album pitch that gets me excited so with luck this will sell.I continue to do work with Avalanche Comics Entertainment and we have one project under contract with plenty of other leads being vigorously pursued.

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  1. Bob,Do you have an update on the new Who’s Who yet? I loved the previous incarnations and am pleased that you’re involved with the upcoming one as well. Thanks!Jim Gordon

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