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There’s been a bit of activity involving several of my projects so let me fill you in.As I was delivering the proofread pages to the front and back matter for The Essential Superman Encyclopedia, my wonderful editor, Chris Cerasi, informed me that DelRey had moved the publication date from August to October. I’m not entirely sure when this was decided or what led to the decision but if it allowed us to update the information to be current with the end of the current era of stories, then I’m cool with that. Additionally, it means DelRey intends to push the project somewhat aggressively at the New York Comic-Con in October and I’m very excited at the possibilities. For those eagerly awaiting it, the two month delay will be aggravating but trust me, well worth it.Yesterday, I received the galleys to my short story, “Go Go Gone” for the Green Hornet Chronicles, due out this month from Moonstone. As you might imagine, that pretty much means the book won’t be out this month but is imminent. Ruben Procopio provided a nice spot illustration for the story so it’ll look good.Earlier this week I received my contributor copies to Moonstone’s Captain Midnight Chronicles and it was lovely to see this in print at long last, considering I wrote the story in June 2007. Go order it and see for yourself.And then there was the recent bad news…My Star Trek one-shot, featuring Captain Rachel Garrett, will not be seeing print. Scott Dunbier, my editor at IDW, was extremely apologetic but a number of business factors – not creative issues – led to the project being cut from the 2010 schedule. I was really looking forward to this one since it shone a fresh light on the Nausicaans and was hoping to see exciting artwork from George Freeman. Maybe some other lifetime.Next up may well be ReDeus if enough people help us over at Kickstarter. See the countdown clock on the right? We have until June 30….

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