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I was once again reminded that writers write, hoping to profit from the experience but not expecting it. The daily mail brought with it my semi-annual royalty statement from Pocket Books for all my Star Trek fiction dating back to 1990. Five different titles earned me a whopping $7.43. Considering most of the books are currently out of print, any royalty is a good thing and speaks to the power of eBooks.I was similarly heartened to hear that DC Comics has formalized a royalty plan the same week they launched their overdue digital initiative. This means that next month’s Batman: The Brave and the Bold, if its digital, will earn me addition income. And whenever Who’s Who launches (I’ll know more soon I’m told), that too I suspect would be a digital project.And while I wait for that latter project to get back on line, I’ve been steadily working away. Just this morning I completed a final draft of a non-fiction book pitch that I subsequently sent to an agent I met two years ago. We’ll see if she agrees it’s a commercial opportunity.With ReDeus having failed to gain backing via Kickstarter, Aaron Rosenberg, Steve Savile and I are discussing what the next, best step should be. We still like the concept and intend to do something with it either in print or online.Meantime, to summarize, I have a young adult series being looked at by an editor, collaboration with Aaron being looked at by another publisher, ReDeus, and now the non-fiction project. There’s also an anthology idea I’d like to package being considered by still yet another publisher.Of the three graphic novels being pitched, this morning’s e-mail brought the first two sample pages of tight pencils for Project A and I await an update on Project B. (The same artist is doing both A and C so patience is required, especially since C was his idea.) With luck, finished art will follow and we can begin circulating these to publishers.It’s been enormously gratifying being able to have time to generate all these ideas, but after several months, I’m itching to actually write something longer than my Westfield and Fairfield Patch columns.

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