Withdrawing from Dragon*Con

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I love going to conventions. I love interacting with fans and fellow professionals, participating in panel discussions devoted to interesting topics. Browsing the dealers room and art show can be eye-opening experiences as are the masquerades and other events.As a result, if invited, I tend to say yes. These shows usually cover my expenses since I appear on programming and it’s a good way to do some self-promotion.There are selective others that Deb and I are interested in enough to attend on our own, although I try and offer my services for programming in exchange for admission so we all get some out of the arrangement. But, travel, hotels, and meals can add up.Last year, we decided to splurge and head to Dragon*Con in Atlanta where we not only had a wonderful time, but got to visit with the Georgia-branch of my extended family. We had hoped to return this year, but my lack of productive, paying work this year has forced us to reconsider this expense.Yesterday, I made the formal decision not to go to the show. Unless something changes, the next convention appearance will be a lot closer to home: New York Comic-Con in October.

2 thoughts on “Withdrawing from Dragon*Con

  1. Sorry to hear that Bob. It was nice to meet you last year and I was hoping to see you again this year.

  2. Sorry to hear that you and Deb won’t be there.Well thinking good thoughts that you’ll make it next year.

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