Batman: The Brave & The Bold #20 on Sale Wednesday

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I can’t tell you how excited I am that tomorrow my one issue of Batman: The Brave & The Bold will be going on sale. It has been nearly two decades since I last wrote a comic book and it was a great experience.When I completed the script, my editor Michael Siglain told me he was assigning it to Robert Pope who is a big fan of Jack Kirby’s characters. I certainly knew the talented Mr. Pope’s name from the various Johnny DC tittles he had illustrated.I was thrilled by what he had done, including his imaginative cover design. How that came to be is the subject of a blog post over at John Rozum for Kids. John, a long-time writer for Milestone and DC, explained to me, “It’s meant to cover every aspect of what goes into making a comic from start to finish, covering art, writing, editing, inspiration, lettering, and hopefully at some point the actual process at the printer.”He’s invited me to contribute a piece on how I came to write the story and the process which I will be doing later today.After everyone goes out and buys the issue, let me know what you think.

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