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The world continues to prove how small it can feel despite there being over six billion of us. Last week I made one incredibly bizarre connection linking disparate people from various aspects of my life while Deb also had a similar experience. Then there was the son of a pal in Stamford who just enrolled in Staples High School in Westport and I helped connect him with a teacher who is a neighbor.Before he took ill, Robbie attended Housatonic Community College for a semester and I was wondering when I would feel his presence. Turns out it didn’t take long. Yesterday, there was a campus fair to show off the various student activities and it had a festive, carnival-like feel.After checking out the various booths and grabbing some lunch, I walked a bit and ran into Chad, who performed with Robbie in numerous Fairfield Teen Theater productions. We caught up a bit and it was nice to see him still willing to lend a hand at HCC, much as he did throughout Fairfield.I then encountered Conrad, who was my tour guide during orientation. In between seeing him, I realized he was the older brother to a guy Robbie bonded with during treatment. When I brought this up, Conrad suddenly realized we had met at the hospital and got talking. Fortunately, his brother seems to have recovered from his disease and is back at school and getting on with his life.As we talked through, a woman was listening in and then interrupted with, “Are you Mr. Greenberger?” She was the younger sister of one of Robbie’s classmates in Fairfield and part of his social circle since elementary school. She has grown up quite a bit since I last saw her and it was also nice to hear how she has been doing.I managed to talk about my son during this campus break without getting upset or upsetting others. There’s something sort of neat following in his footsteps at HCC.

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  1. Bob,There are many reasons why I admire you, and chief among them is that you’re a class act. And heroic, in the truest sense of the word.Laurie

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