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I have always stated that The Atlantis Chronicles is one of the projects I edited at DC Comics that I am most proud of. Fortunately, it added elements that remain in use throughout the DC Universe and has been fondly recalled by readers.Sadly, it’s never been collected.Robert J. Kelly manages the delightful The Aquaman Shrine and conducted a solid interview with me, as we swam down Memory lane. Anyone who is curious should click over and give it a read.

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  1. Never happen. At this point there are certain people at DC who are far too invested in the notion that there’s no market for it. What’s killer is that when the book was first coming out, Jenette Khan and Paul Levitz both stood there at the DC Holiday party and told me they were so thrilled with the way the series was turning out, they were going to give it “the Watchmen treatment.” Full-blown promotional campaign, trade collections that would be kept perpetually in print, the works. Never happened; none of it..PAD

  2. Shame it will never be collected; I love the story behind the face on the meteor. I managed to luck out a year or two back when I found most of the run autographed by PAD (I think I found them at the shop that was destroyed in Civil War). I should figure out what issue or two that I didn’t find there and get them autographed at a con.

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