Struggling with Time Management

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My sudden absence from my desk between the hours of 9 and 2:30 on Mondays and Fridays has shaken up my routines and has caused me to feel somewhat out of control. The time at school is necessary and I find that I am spending between 2-3 hours a week on home work in addition to the class time.As a result, I am trying to fit in everything else and find myself unusually displeased with the results. I tend to be at the desk around 7:30 most mornings and try to knock off around 5 so I can read and then make dinner. I try to keep the evenings free so I can spend time with Deb, especially when she’s not traveling for work. Nights are of course when some of the town business occurs requiring my presence usually once a week. Weekends are a mix of business and pleasure based on whatever else is happening and this can be the safety valve so work can be done in concentrated doses.Now that I am one month in, and about to send in the Graduate School application, I realize I need to restructure my priorities and lower my expectations.I continue to work on spec material in the hopes of landing more writing work. But the novel I began writing hasn’t been touched in over a week as other matters took precedence. Other pitches and projects have required time and attention and I can’t put al my eggs in one speculative basket.The steady columns at least get done with minimal fuss and my Patch editor remains pleased with the traffic and content. While I could drop some of the reviewing for ComicMix, I appreciate the outlet it gives me to keep my name out there and keep my critical reasoning skills intact.I’ve been doing work on behalf of the Democratic Town Committee, where I serve as Vice Chair in addition to working on State Representative Tom Drew’s re-election campaign. Once November 2 comes along, this will bring me more time for other matters.It does concern me, because the law of averages says some more writing is likely to come my way and when grad school begins, I will need to readjust my schedule and expectations all over again.

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  1. You’re actually doing VERY well, because the equation is 1 hour of homework for each hour of class time, so you should be doing 6 hours of homework for two classes. That you’ve condensed it speaks very well of your time management skills, especially since one of the classes is not in your major.

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