Talking About the Uncanny Un-Collectibles

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Every now and then I get invited to write an essay or guest blog about something that tickles my fancy. I was recently solicited to contribute to a project over at the Revolution SF website. Here’s the run down from the site’s Rick Klaw.Given that Barnes & Noble and Borders stores offer extensive graphic novel selections and the existence of countless collections including seemingly limited interest oddities such as Peter Porker the Spectacular Spider-Ham, American Comic Group’s forgettable 1960s super heroes Nemesis and Magicman, and Fantagraphics’ two volumes of the wonderfully subversive works of Fletcher Hanks, one might think everything of note ever published has been compiled into graphic novel format. Remarkably, many influential and popular works remain uncollected.With this in mind, I sent out invitations to writers, artists, critics, and the likes to write about their favorite comic that is unavailable in a collected format or graphic novel out-of-print. They could write about anything, as long as they followed two simple rules:•    The material must not right now be available in a English-language collected edition. The material can have previously been collected but is not in print right now.•    It cannot be something they are associated with and/or worked on.I received an incredible response with 50 titles from 29 contributors.Over the next six days, RevolutionSF will unveil the missing books in chronological order from their initial publications. I hope you have as good a time reading the missives as we did compiling the list.Day one features entries by Michael Moorcock, Scott Cupp, Paul O. Miles and Rick Klaw.Not sure what day my three essays run but they were fun and if you’re interested to see what I riffed about, follow the link. And sadly, no one wrote about my Atlantis Chronicles.

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