Gotham City 14 Miles now Available for Order

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Seqart’s Gotham City 14 Miles can be found in the latest edition of Diamond’s Previews.This is a crucial time for the book, as we need to hit Diamond’s minimum-number threshold or they will cancel all orders for it.I urge everyone to get out and order a copy through their local comic shops or one of the online services. The anthology is a wonderful collection of essays about the landmnark ABC television series of the 1960s which has had an indelible influence over pop culture.Editor Jim Beard has done a lovely job on the book and has also been nicely promoting it through Facebook.  If you need convincing, check out the piece about the book at Newsarama.Finally, several of the essayists — Jim Beard, Paul Kupperberg, Mark Waid, and yours truly among them — will be talking about the book and television series at next week’s New York Comic-Con. We’re on at 4:15 Saturday afternoon so come say hi…after you order a copy.Thanks for your continued support.

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