On the Road Again

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While this may appear like short notice for you, I’ve been talking on and off with the people behind Baton Rouge’s Fandemonium for some months now. Well, as of today, it’s official, I am an invited VIP guest of the show, which will be held November 12-14.I’ll be a guest alongside actor Robert Picardo, whose work I have admired. What’s interesting is that Picardo helped us out with a recent Mystery Trekkie Theater at Shore Leave, but he and I never really had a chance to speak. This will give me a chance to rectify that.Fandomonium is being billed as “a complete comic book, science fiction and fandom CON event that merges the worlds of animation, art, video games, movies, and more!” The con looks like they have plenty of cool stuff planned for those attending. If you plan on coming to the show, please come and say hi.I’ll be there only Friday and Saturday but if I’m not on a panel, I’ll be out and about. I haven’t been to Louisiana since I appeared at Acadianacon back in ’83-’84 and look forward to the experience.

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  1. What a great honor! You must tell me all about it, becuase I haven’t been to Louisana. I’m in awe of your ability to keep all the balls in the air, Bob.

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