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Authors usually like it when people buy and read our works, but we also crave feedback. Sometimes we write things and you wait, but are greeted with silence. The Patch column I posted about bsuiness in Fairfield last week got zeor comments, which was unusual.Then, in a week, you get some nice comments.Reader Leroy Douresseaux recently blogged about my Scribe-award winning novelization to Hellboy II: The Golden Army. He notes, “Using straight-forward and rather plain prose, Robert Greenberger conjures the creepy Gothic and weird rococo world of Hellboy II – from the exciting action to the fantastic realms and peculiar creatures that inhabit them. For anyone who has seen the film, the novelization is a good way to relive the fun. This isn’t a great fantasy novel; it is simply something that readers don’t always find – a prose adaptation that is worthy of the original film.”Then, Comics Bulletin posted the first review for Gotham City 14 Miles, the anthology celebrating the Batman television series. The money quote, as they say, is: “One of my favorite articles in the book is Robert Greenberger’s article about the proliferation of Batmania during the first season of the show. Greenberger lays out the history of the era in fascinating and entertaining depth, explaining succinctly and intelligently why the Batman TV show caught the imagination of Americans so thoroughly.”

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