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I haven’t talked about professional work much of late, largely because there has not been a lot to report and that in itself is a bit of a lesson.When the Who’s Who was temporarily suspended in the spring, I was surprised and have devoted my time to finding replacement work. As of now, DC Comics remains committed to the title, most recently acknowledging at New York Comic-Con that it is in their 2011 plans. I await word from them who my new editor will be given Bob Harras’ ascension to Editor-in-Chief but no doubt this is a low priority project while the corporate dust continues to settle.Many proposals continue to float in the ether. Aaron Rosenberg and I have a collaborative fantasy novel sitting on an editor’s desk after having to re-send it because he lost the first copy. Another collaboration sits with the agent, who has yet to read it or send it out. And yet another collaborative project has gone through tremendous birth pangs and may wind up stillborn, similar to the ReDeus project that didn’t get its Kickstarter financing.I contacted one agent about representing me on a non-fiction project I am passionate about but several publishers privately told me they liked it but couldn’t take it on. I await his opinion. He and his partner were also interested in my Young Adult fantasy idea but wanted to see sample chapters and after getting some 20,000 words written, stalled as time became limited thanks to school, politics, and life.Three different graphic novel projects that were born as a result of my time in Spain this spring continue to slowly progress as the artists fit in the sample pages around their paying work.While at NYCC, one publisher seemed particularly interested in my writing for her and I whipped up an armload of story springboards for three different series, sent them off and…silence. Two other projects for a different publisher, one I would edit, the other I would co-write, sits awaiting feedback.I have also been continuing to pitch comic book stories as opportunities present themselves.I did take on one short-term editing project for Dynamic Forces and delivered that, which may lead to more work. And this past week, I agreed to edit two one-shots for a new company I have never done work with before. I’m excited because it means I have some paying work, it could lead to more, and I get to work with friends – new and old. More details on this one when I can talk more about it. Marvel Spotlight and Star Trek Magazine have also asked me to pen articles for them in recent weeks so things are a tad busier than they were and maybe that’s a sign of better times ahead.And of course, I continue my regular column at Fairfield Patch and my semi-monthly column for Westfield Comics.None of the above is a complaint, but an update. This is the reality of the freelance life for me, and so many of my peers. Publisher has undergone tremendous upheavals between the economy and the arrival of eReaders as a new channel. More than a handful of my friends have taken day jobs once more and of course, I am pursuing my own Plan B, working on becoming a teacher. The hope remains that even after I complete the coursework and find a job, I will have time to write and edit because those are integral to who I am.

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