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Since coming back from Baton Rouge, I have been rather busy and for a change it has been mostly freelance work and not school work. Let me fill you in…Zenescope Entertainment hired me to edit two graphic novels for them as part of their deal with the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet. For now, we’re producing two books with hopes for more. The first will be about ten different dinosaurs, spanning the ages; while the other will focus on ten animals.  These are fact based books filled with information for readers 12+ but told via graphic stories.I fell into this via my pal Barbara Kesel, who suggested me to them. I am now assigning stories and artwork and acting like a comic book editor, something I haven’t done in way too long and miss terribly. I need to close both books right after the New Year and they will be out later next year.I am working with people I know and trust (and are willing to work for the rates available) while also getting to work with people new to me so it’s all very exciting.Meantime, Dynamic Forces asked me to work on a few more projects for them — two editing gigs and one writing — so those are now up and running. More details when I’m allowed.I also wrote my article for February’s Star Trek magazine, the first time I’ve done work for them in about a year and it was certainly fun to dig back into that world.I’ve also been asked to write articles for future issues of Marvel Spotlight magazine as well as a Captain America 70th anniversary magazine.Of course, there remain numerous other pitches and projects that bop around the ether and I remain ever hopeful that some get approved.Maybe things are starting to pick up a bit. While all of the above improves my feeling about the freelance career, none of these will make me rich or deter me from the teaching path I have embarked on.

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  1. Well, teaching won’t make you rich, but you’ll be doing something your good at and enjoy it, most of the time. And you’ll get a steady paycheck, at a better rate than substituting. It’ll be worth it. Glad your picking up freelance work in the meantime.

  2. Ooh, dinosaurs! Any stories left to assign (esp. the artwork)?Glad you’re keeping your hand in freelancing. Robin’s just done six pages on a DC project, the first work he’s had in MONTHS. It’s been a week to celebrate here at the Riggs Residence, but a steadier stream of work would be much better…

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