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I miss editing comic books.This isn’t a news bulletin or anything, but over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been hiring talent, reading and editing scripts, juggling the flow of work between the talent and Zenescope Entertainment and it brings back many happy memories.These two anthologies are nice in that I will be working with old friends and new talents, allowing me variety that should make the books visually interesting.As I write articles or columns for places like Westfield Comics and Back Issue I find I have been tripping down memory lane a lot lately which also makes me a little wistful. There was an energy to editing comics that didn’t exist at Weekly World News or even Starlog. Some of it was the sheer volume of work but it was also the ability to focus on a title and a creative team and no two assignments were the same. Each came with their pleasures and their pains but every thirty days, the Production Department would deliver the first bound copies of the comic and seeing all those months of phone calls, meetings, desk time and the like coalesce into something that will entertain people is just wonderful.Authors adore getting that first printed copy of something they’ve written, but those happen, if they’re lucky, a few times a year. Editors have it happen weekly and it can spoil you. So, with luck, these two books will perform well and more opportunities will present themselves.

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  1. From time to time, I have sometimes missed comic book editors.That is, looking back at some of the comics/graphic novel projects undertaken by “real” book publishers, I’ve noticed/suspected that those publishers sometimes overlook that editing comics can be a slightly different skill set than editing prose. Some editors can indeed work in both mediums well. Others work through their learning curve well to get up to speed reasonably quickly. But sometimes, you can tell that an editor’s skill with text just didn’t translate to a work of comics, and that the final work suffers just a bit.Having a good prose editor edit comics can sometimes be like having a cardiologist do an appendectomy–the final result will probably be just fine, but ideally you’d hope that the procedure were done by someone with the right expertise.

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