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And just like that it’s all done.I walked out of classes last Monday and was amazed how quickly a semester of learning zipped by. I then knuckled down and began studying for my finals.As promised, the Theater went live on Friday. After a quick review, I took the 45 minute 52 question multiple choice portion of the test. She asked us to be on our best behavior and not use our notes and since she respected us to give us an online final, I respected her and did not peek. I went through it twice and submitted it with something like 20 minutes to spare.On Saturday, I reviewed the three essays choices, selected one, hit start and using only my text book, as required; I prepped my 1000 word essay.  We had 1:15 for this and did it in just under an hour, starting with notes from the text to frame my essay then went right into writing and revising before cutting and pasting it into the form.From Tuesday through this morning, I reviewed Statistics in one hour bursts.  Chapters 3-4 and really challenged me during the course and I bombed on that particular Quiz so asked the teacher how best to prep. Her advice was basic and sound and I used it, reviewing my notes, my practice and actual tests. I walked in, sat down, and discovered the 20-25 question test had been boiled down to a 15 question test, with some taken from the previous documents.I completed the two hour final in about 90 minutes and as I turned in the test, I whispered, “Thank you for putting up with me” which caused her to laugh. And now I wait for my grades, which should be available on Wednesday.Regardless, the undergrad portion of my teacher preparation is now complete.  I have some time to myself until Grad Orientation on January 4. I really can relax a bit, with just some writing to do. Nice.

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