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In looking back over my reading habits of the year, I find that I returned to authors and series for comfort while forcing myself to sample new writers. I make a point of trying at least one new author a year and accomplished that with my second book of the year. All in all, I read a respectable 62 books for the year. Add in daily copies of the Connecticut Post and USA Today plus occasional issues of the New York Times. Then there are the weeklies: Time, Entertainment Weekly, and The Week; and the monthly Smithsonian. Now add in over 125 comics a month plus graphic novels – I managed to get a lot read. I am better educated and better entertained for the trouble.As I wrote recently, I truly enjoyed One Day, which was a gimmick idea that was incredibly well executed. A little less so was The Imperfectionists. Stieg Larson’s second and third books were gripping reads and he will be missed but boy, he left behind a memorable character. The trip to Spain inspired me to read Washington Irving’s Tales of the Alhambra which is the first classical work I’ve read in a many a year, perhaps a precursor to my return to college. I also read a few anthologies this year, something I don’t always do, and really enjoyed Stories for its breadth.Among the non-fiction works, I was particularly pleased with Willie Mays: The Life, The Legend.In 2011, I will need to be more selective since I suspect grad school and interning will severely cut down on my free time for books of my choosing. And with that, behind the cut, is the complete list of 2010 books read.Star Trek: Mirror Universe-Sorrows of Empire David MackBottom of the Ninth Michael ShapiroStrength in what Remains Tracy KidderThe DC Comics Guide to Writing Dennis O’NeilSilver Steven SavileStar Trek: Inception S.D. Perry & Britta DennisonA Tale of Three Cities Steve TraversThe Girl who Played with Fire Stieg LarssonFantastic Four: What Lies Between Peter DavidStar Trek: Myriad Universes-Echoes and Refractions Geoff Trowbridge, Keith DeCandido, Chris RobersonBlood Rites Jim ButcherPatriot Acts Greg RuckaSoon I Will be Invincible Austin GrossmanThe Art of Carlos Diez Carlos DiezTales of the Alhambra Washington IrvingA Wizard of Mars Diane DuaneStar Trek: Unspoken Truth Margaret Wander BonannoDestination Future Z.S. Adani & Eric T. Reynolds, editorsSplit Image Robert B. ParkerThe Adventures of Nate Banks Vol. 1-2 Jake BellStar Trek Online: The Needs of the Many Michael A. MartinAngelology Danielle TrussoniParisians Graham RobbNo Small Bills Aaron RosenbergThe Lonely Polygamist Brady UdallCounterstrike: The Last World War Dayton WardThe Imperfectionists Tom RachmanThe Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest Stieg LarssonWinning Elections Dick SimpsonStar Trek: SCE – Out of the Cocoon Keith R.A. DeCandido, editorStrip Thomas PerryBlue-Eyed Devil Robert B. ParkerStar Trek – The Children of Kings David SternPledged Alexandra RobbinsRunning for Office Ronald A. FaucheuxWillie Mays: The Life, The Legend James S. HirschLoverboy Irwin HasenShattering Glass Gail GilesWaiting for Normal Leslie ConnorCaptain Midnight Chronicles Christopher Mills, editorStar Trek: SCE – What’s Past Keith R.A. DeCandido, editorWinter in Madrid C.J. SansomStar Trek 365 Paula Block with Terry ErdmanDrama! The Four Dorothys Paul RuditisThe View from the Bridge Nicholas MeyerJerry Robinson: Ambassador of Comics N.C. Christopher CouchStories Edited by Neil Gaiman & Al SarrantinoI am Legend Richard MathesonConfessions of a Teen Nanny Victoria AshtonDC Comics Year by Year VariousThe Horror! The Horror! Jim TrombettaHeat Wave Richard CastleStar Trek: Seven Deadly Sins Margaret Clark, EditorOne Day David NichollsWeight of Stone Laura Anne GilmanShazam! Chip Kidd & Geoff SpearPainted Ladies Robert B. ParkerLiving Theater Edwin Wilson & Alvin GoldfarbStar Trek – Zero Sum Game David MackStar Trek: Seize the Fire Michael A. MartinFortune & Glory Brian Michael BendisThe Somnambulist Jonathan Barnes

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  1. Congratulations and you’re right, grad school does cut into pleasure reading significantly, but doesn’t eliminate it. I’m curious though, how many books did you read last year for pleasure, more or less than this year and do you set a goal other than reading one new author each year?

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