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Since Tuesday, I have spent the majority of the day at the University of Bridgeport campus undergoing the state mandated orientation. Normally, it runs through Saturday but with the snow coming down, they cut today short and canceled tomorrow, although that needs to be made up sometime in March. Across the days we’ve had seminars in classroom management, technology, how to be a substitute and so on. The one I looked forward to, Teachers and the Law, was also abbreviated because the lawyer had to be in court. As part of the sessions, we’ll be required to write reflective essays which have to be submitted to the state.The thing I had been waiting most eagerly for was actually registering for classes so I could build a schedule and figure out where I needed to be and when. As it turns out, I have loaded up on Tuesdays and Wednesdays with two one-credit electives that will occur mostly on Saturdays. I was appalled at the notion that a required course was only given in the spring and only on the Waterbury campus. I noted I enrolled at the University of Bridgeport not the University of Waterbury but was told I could take it as an independent study in the fall so that works.The teachers apparently have not filled their textbook requests so the bookstore was not ready for us this week and we were advised not to worry about books until the first day of classes. Hope the teachers agree.The 66 of us are split between interns and traditional students, fresh from college and career changers, elementary and secondary. Interestingly, the one student I’ve seriously befriended is a fascinating career changer closer to my age and we’ve spent hours talking this week.I have received some details about my internship at the Darien High School so they’re ready for me and I’m eager to get started and figure out what this will really be like.It won’t be until classes get underway in the second half of the month before I have any real sense how much time I will need for reading and writing which will then let me know how much time I will have for freelance assignments.The second chapter of my career is about to get underway and I have to admit, I am looking forward to this.

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