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Now that they’re live, I can mention that I spent a chunk of December interviewing talent associated with several of Dynamite Entertainment’s forthcoming releases. The first such piece, a chat with an old pal, Keith Champagne, just went live the other day.Late in December, NBC ran a “sneak peek” episode of the new series Perfect Couples. The show arrives tonight as part of their Thursday night comedy block. I could not believe how poorly constructed the characters were, how unfunny the writing was and how dated every single element of the show felt. The premise follows three couples at different stages of their relationship and shows how they cope day-to-day.Much has been made that geek babe Olivia Munn has her first series role and frankly, in a show that generally sucks, she is the flattest and least interesting of the sextet. Personally, I was more interested in Christine Woods, whose Janice Hawk was one of the best things about FlashForward last season. Her Julia is considered normal which gives her nothing to work with.Characters are treated as two-dimensional clichés who apparently can’t add two and two to achieve four, recognizing they’ve been set up. The sneak episode is not the one being shown tonight at 8:30 but do yourself a favor, skip this travesty.

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