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It’s been a while since I talked about Avalanche Comics Entertainment, but longtime readers here may recall that it’s a content creation/management outfit created by former DC editor Jordan B. Gorfinkel. In 2008, Jordan brought me on board to help him manage a number of projects, most prominently a 26 week daily comic strip for Microsoft’s IT developers.I spent most of that year also working on Battle of Destiny, a 96-page graphic novel retelling the story of King Saul and David. We were hired to package the book by Crystal Cities Entertainment, the production company that released the remarkable documentary Paperclips. They were very interested in having this story told as the first step in bringing it to the big screen.Chuck Dixon was already contracted to write the story and a newcomer named Aaron Minier was suggested to us for the artwork. These days, people may be familiar with Aaron’s work at WildStorm but in 2008, he was just getting established. Chuck carefully researched not only the Biblical retelling of Saul and David but the history of the region, bringing an authenticity to the story that it had not previously enjoyed.As the work was underway, NBC bought a pilot called Kings from Michael Green and we were concerned when we heard it was also retelling the Saul/David story but since it was a modern day alternative reality, we had nothing to fear (and the series, while flawed, was terrific television).The characters designs from Aaron were strong and he took direction well from Gorf, me, and our client. Then the pages started to arrive and we were more than pleased. UDON Studios, who was coloring the Microsoft work for us, referred us to Robert Roffolo to color the series and he did some fine work. When we hit scheduling issues with him, Studio Ikari stepped in the complete the project.Meantime, Gorf and I began working the phones, trying to interest a publisher in taking this on, for the direct sales shops and also the mainstream distribution channels. Being a biblical tale, we wanted someone who can also get this into religious bookstores. We had some mild interest from major publishers, and some greater interest from many of the next tier. Unfortunately, as we began negotiating with one company, they underwent some devastating changes and we were back to square one.2009 became 2010 and we continued to push this here and there without anyone really jumping up and down. In October 2010, at the NY Comic-Con, I met with Brent Erwin, the main man behind APE Entertainment. He doesn’t jump often, but he wanted the book.In the Previews catalog arriving at shops on Wednesday, and already at some online shops such as Westfield Comics, Battle of Destiny is available for ordering, arriving in shops in April. I’m quite proud of the way this tale came together and look forward to having a copy in my hand.If you find the subject matter at all interesting, please consider order a copy.

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